Friday, 19 October 2012

The Rain in Spain ...!

One of the things that really struck me this visit to the Finca was the fact there were a host of grapes hanging from the vines in the patio I just had to paint them ! In previous years the vines had always been cut back so this year it was good to see this area in a new light. The shade from the vines also made for some very welcoming shade against the sun and cast some lovely shadows.
The first week was wall to wall sunshine but the second week saw some rather wet and windy weather towards the end of the week which was rather a pity. Our trip to The Balcon at Nerja saw us sitting under a cafe awning watching an absolute downpour and the people in various rainwear trying to dodge the wet !

One of the highlights was to actually get to paint the 'Gaudi' House in Benajarafe. I named it thus as it reminded me of the architecture of Antonio Gaudi whose vivid coloured buildings grace many streets in Barcelona.


  1. Sounds very familiar. Missing Spain and wishing I was there painting the scenes you are painting. Will be going back there in December, taking my paints with me this time. Will be there for a month, and taking your brief introduction to line drawing/watercolour painting with me. Hoping that one day I can produce something a little like you do. Chris :)

  2. So you finally got to paint the Gaudi House - well done. The girls and I are booked to join you in September next year at LaFinca.
    But I will see you in Croatia in April
    Sue Brettell