Monday, 14 May 2012

A Great pint of Spitfire ...!

My recent trip to Kent threatened  to be a rather dull and wet affair but the sun came out in fits and starts and was not half as bad as it was predicted.
Bob and I went to Faversham for the day to get in a bit of sketching. We set up in the road to paint this rather grand view of the Anchor Inn, a 300 year old pub at the bottom of the town just up from the quay. A very friendly lady who lived in a house on the right offered us a cuppa which went down rather nicely !
After the sketches were done we sampled the delights of the pub grub and a great pint of Spitfire !

Moody Moors

Once again I was delighted to be invited to North Yorkshire to tutor painting workshops. The top pic was a demo I did of a view looking down into Rosedale. The beauty of having some cloud around is that you get lovely shadow patterns over the landscape which can be very effective in a painting.
We started the weekend workshop off with watercolour then the second day I got everyone painting with the new Atelier Interactive Acrylics which produced some very exciting results. The bottom pic was painted with these.
The Great Day out saw us traversing the Moors for some 'moody' shots as the day started out rather cloudy. However, around lunchtime the clouds started clearing and the weather got better and better and by the end of the day it was hot and sunny.
Cant wait to get some of those images committed to 'canvas' !