Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wall to Wall Sunshine ...!

The weather forecast for our week in Lynmouth looked rather a mixed bag of wet and dry...but not a bit of it ! It was sunshine all the way with clear blue skies which was a real treat .

We got to do a bit of sketching in the harbour on the first afternoon to get into the 'swing' of it.

Our Hotel was the small and friendly Rock House perched right on the mouth of the River Lyn at the entrance of the harbour. There is literally a different view from every window.

Our first day out we drove down into the valleys and stopped at the small hamlet of Malmsmead with it narrow bridge and ford which was so captivating that we stayed all day. At times the only sounds you could hear were the murmouring of the river and birdsong....Bliss !!

The next day we headed up to the Valley of the Rocks where we picked a spot right on the cliff path with far reaching views right across to the far headland. It was quite warm in the sun but darned nippy in the shade !

On our last day we went up the Cliff Railway to Linton and spent a very pleasant few hours sketching and drinking coffee.

I have already booked dates at the Rock house for next year so if this a break that would suit you please check my website for details.

What a Great Island...!

This was my first visit to Mallorca and I was very pleasantly surprised ! I had this image in my head of lager louts and kiss me quick hats, but not a bit of it ! The island is extreemly pretty with views round every corner.
Our hotel was extreemly comfortable and friendly and the food was excellent with bags of choice. Our first day out painting on the Playa de Palma was very pleasant with the sea a deep turquoise. Next day we took a trip into Palma and painted the Cathedral and the docks.
The highlight of the week was our artists 'trip' to the east side of the island to paint in the lovely harbours of Cala Figuera and Porto Petro which were absolutely delightful. The weather closed in for a day but then brightened up again for our trip up into the mountains to the town of Valdemosa .
Our last excursion was on the mountain railway up to Soller. We spent the whole day up in this mountain resort with its lively squares and bustling trams which cut right through the streets .

So all in all I must say I was very impressed with all thing Mallorcan !