Wednesday, 21 April 2010

All Columned Out ...!

This year our first overseas Painting Holiday was to Greece. We stayed on the coast on the mainland due east from Athens on Vravrona Bay. Our hotel was in a very quiet position overlooking the water and a pretty headland which we painted a few times perched on the bar balcony ( with the odd Methos or two for good measure !)
Our first trip out took us south to the temple of Posidon on Cape Sunio which gave us our first taste of a real Greek temple. The main attraction was a day out to Athens and the Parthenon which I have always wanted to see. After climbing the many steep and slippery marble steps we passed through the entry arch of the Propylaea and got our first glimpse of the Parthenon. What a structure, quite exhilarating. After picking a spot right next to the guard rail I sketched this pic looking up at the temple. For the purists among you I have only included 7 columns in the front
portico instead of 8 as I was running out of steam but I'm sure my secret is safe with you!
Managed to get another 2 pics done before it was time for lunch and by that time we were all ' Columned out' as Ann said . After lunch there was a mass migration to the Ice Cream parlour for some great flavours and some even went on to the bakery for a Baclava ( I mention no names !)
Next day we visited the small temple of Artemis which we could almost see from the hotel. When we got there it was closed to the public which was a real nuisance but did manage to get this other sketch done from the boundary fence so all was not lost .
The weather on the whole was very warm and sunny but there was the odd cold wind which brought out the jumpers and fleeces !

Up SUN !

Going up to North Yorkshire to the Leven Arts Society is always a treat and this year it was even better...we had sunshine, and loads of it ! After the surprise results from last years session I decided to do the workshops using Mixed Media, Pastel and Watercolour.
The results were truely amazing ! I have never seen so much colour and excitement in everyones paintings before. The watercolour washes that went on to the paper were
really bold and free which is a 'Brucie Bonus' believe me ! Then in with the pastel to bring out the highlights and the paintings glowed.
After the workshops came the Great Day Out, and this year it was to Swaledale. I have not been to this part of the country since Sally and I took her parents on holiday there in the height of the foot and mouth epidemic...which was a while ago ! And was not dissapointed. What a beautiful Dale it is with its miles of stone walls , barns and villages and ever present river gliding slowly along.
The day started off a little overcast but by lunchtime the sun was out and lit up the scenery for us. So all in all another VERY enjoyable time 'Up North'...thanks again Folks !