Friday, 19 October 2012

The Hills of Lazio/Tuscany !

Once again I was off to pastures new with Bella Sardinia, this time to the delights of Lazio /Tuscany up around Lake Bolsena. We stayed in a lovely old converted castle which was our base for the week. During the week we visited the small town of the rain would you believe !!!!!!!! Aparently the weather had just changed and we were due for a wet spell which was not what we were expecting !

As the week wore on however the weather picked up and we got some real Italian heat and also some cracking places to paint.Our trip to Lake Bolsena was lovely and we spent the full day painting over the lake to Capodemonte in the morning and then back to the town of Marta.

But the jewel in the crown was the 'dying city' of Civita which was literally perched on top of a huge dome of rock in the middle of this valley. Over the years buildings have fallen into the valley due to earthquakes and soil erosion and what is left is this stunning group of buildings hanging on to the hillside.I painted this sketch in the morning then made my way up the very steep bridge to the town itself, and boy was it HOT !!
So we got some good weather in the end !

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