Friday, 19 June 2009

... and Artists all in a row !

Intrepid painters braving the bitter winds of the River Severn. The sun had just started to break through the clouds...but dont hold your breath !

On the banks of the Severn

It was a rather cold and blustery day when we went to paint down on the banks of the River Severn. A good crowd turned up to paint the views across the river from the Arlingham passage towards Newnham. During the morning session the sun came out and for a while it was very warm and pleasant. It was shortlived and a biting wind picked up as the clouds rolled in. But we are artists and made of stronger stuff, not to be put off by a bit of cold weather !!

Elevenses was a cup of coffee and some homemade brownie at the Passage Inn which went down rather well .

After lunch I did this pic of the river looking upstream ( that's May Hill in the distance) as I didnt manage to get any of the river into my morning sketch. Made up for it here !

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Over to Herm and Sark

Just when I thought my trip to Guernsey couldn't get any better I took the ferry over to the small islands of Herm and Sark.

Herm is a tiny island a half hours ferry trip away and what a super island it is. There are no cars only the odd tractor going about it's daily business. It is easy get around and incredibly peaceful.
I liberally applied sun lotion as I had heard stories of people really getting badly burnt on the island and I have had a taste of that the last time i visited the Channel Islands. Our morning was spent sketching in the quiet bay at Belvoir then back to Lesley, who lives on the island , for afternoon tea and homemade favourite ! Time for a lightening sketch before the ferry back.

Next day we were off to the larger island of Sark. We hired pushbikes for the day to get us across the island to the causeway of La Coupee. I have seen many images of this spot and when we got there it did not dissapoint ! We set up on a bluff overlooking the track and this pic is of that view. Just as i finished my sketch a strong gust of wind blew my easel over and my board and brushes took a tumble over the side ! As luck would have it the only got as far as the track so all was not lost. Back on the bikes to the tearooms at La Sablonniere, a quick sketch and then steady pedal back for the ferry.

Two remarkable islands, well worth the visit .

A Tutor on the Edge ...!

Wher ever my students go...there go I !
This lady perched herself right on the top of the cliffs at La Corbiere on Guernsey's south coast. What a great view though .

Guernsey the Great !

What a terriffic time I had in Guernsey ! The ferry crossing was a little rough and the weather was a bit 'nippy' to say the least . After getting aquainted with the island we arranged a few painting days out on the coast and the weather changed dramatically. It was now wall to wall sunshine and the sun lotion was out in abundance...very easy to fry on the islands !
This pic was done on our first day out to the cliffs at La Corbiere on the south coast. One of the German observation towers can be clearly seen on the cliff top, a permanent reminder of Guernsey's occupation. The island is literally dotted about with all sorts of fortifications both modern and ancient .
An evening out with the 'group' was lovely way to end the day at one of the local pubs.
The second day saw us still on the coast, this time at the rocks at Le Gouffre. The sun was out but there was quite a strong , cool breeze which made it feel a lot colder than it really was. Super spot tho' and the colour of the sea was bright turquoise !
I do hope I am invited back over again...SOON!

Another Great Finca week

Some great weather and some great locations. After a fairly cool start to the week the sun got up and it was a right scorcher ! Beaches, boats and mountains too ! Last time we went to the mountains it was a bit cloudy on the top...not so this time . This is my sketchbook pic of the mountains above Alcaucine in the national park. Sally and Denis put on a really tasty BBQ with all the trimmings which was a welcome break from all that energetic painting .

Another classic day was spent on the coast at Marina del Este with all the rocks and beach bars !
A very hot day with a nice cooling breeze... which was nice ! Lunch was a picnic on the beach.

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