Thursday, 2 August 2012

Out and About in Wiltshire...!

Another great week with the 'Travelling Sketchbook' seeking out some of the lovely places in the county of Wiltshire. The weather forecast for the coming week was not good but as luck would have it we only had to run for cover a few times and that was only light rain so we were let off really lightly.
 We started off at Devizes wharf and during the week we made our way round to visit Littlecote House, Stonehenge, the Woodfords and also Pewsey Wharf ( the pic above).Luckily ,this visit was to be bathed in sunshine, unlike last year when we were to spend the day in the pub !!!!!!!!!!( I know, what hardship !)

On the last day I did this sketch of Urchfont Manor to remind me of this lovely building and grounds before it is sold off by Wilts Council ! It will be a crying shame when this place goes as I have spent many very happy weeks teaching here . The staff have always been great and made me feel at home and we have had some great fun teaching people to paint in and around area.
 Well I have just one more week in Aug, Painting the pubs of Wilts and I guess that's it !

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